Rent a concrete mixing Plant

Rent instead of buy? No Problem!
We able to offer you some mobile concrete mixing plants for rent: (only inside EU)

We offer (in depend of availability) 
– we rent factory new or reconditioned machines in perfect conditions -
-    mobile Stetter M1 C TZ  with 56m3/h 
-    mobile Stetter M2,5 TZ with 112m3/h 
-    mobile Stetter M3 ILS with 130m3/h

What is the – minimum rental period?
The normally minimum rental period is 6 month
The best amortization will be by a rental period of approx. 24 month.

What is include?
If you want to decide to rent by us a concrete mixing plant we will:
- the concrete mixing plant deliver on the construction site
- the concrete mixing plant assemble and commisioning 
- a short but intensive shooling of you staff on this plant
- do the maintenance and neccesarry repairs
- do delivery any neccesarry spare parts
- support by the complete rental period ( also remote maintenance)
- Support by eventual problems by the daily mixing operation problems (relating to the rental machine and the machine operation)
- after the rental period we will dismatled the concrete mixing plant and bringed back to our yard

You see, we offer you the complete package of rental!

You are interested to rent a concrete mixing plant?
Dont hesitate, and send us your request/project.
We will find the correct solution for you!

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Simply fill out the form below and confirm with "SEND". We take care of this!

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