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our stationary fresh concrete recycler produced according to German norms and standards and at a more than fair price!

technical data: RSM-MREC15 - Capacity: 15 m3/h
- Necessary power supply: 18 kW, 400 V
- Necessary clean water supply: DN 50, 1’ ½ , 3-4 bar


The recycling plant consists of:
- concrete slurry basin (1) provide by the customer L 5m X w 5m X D 3,5 m & 0,25m high concrete border
- Overgrounded aggregate WAM separator capacity 15mc/h (2)
- Pipe for truck mixers washing (3)
- Proximity switch (4) when the truck mixer is near discharge area
- Submersible slurry pump for transmitting the slurry water from basin (1) to the water weigher of concrete mixing pl. (5)
- Submersible slurry pump for transmitting the slurry water to the pipe for truck-mixers washing (5)
- Pneumatical flap (7) to the water weigher of concrete mixing plant.
- Agitator for the slurry basin with console and protection railways. (8)
- Electrical valve for clean water feeding separator (9)
- Float level switches in the slurry basin for min. protection level, working level and max. (overflow) level (10)
- Supporting structures and cranes for pumps rising (6) (11)
- Control panel provided with visual and audible horn, heating system in winter time (15)

RSM  concrete recycler

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